Evolution of Mobile Phones

Evolution of Mobile Phones

One of our clients in the mobile gaming industry tasked us with creating an informative and interactive infographic about the evolution of mobile phones.

Mobile devices have changed the way we live, allowing us to work and enjoy our leisure time from any location, at any time. We are able to seamlessly switch from emailing to working to gaming to browsing, and there are constantly new apps being rolled out to simplify everyday tasks.  There’s been a complete mobile revolution in the 21st Century with the advancement of technology moving at a never seen before pace.

The World Mobile Congress held in Barcelona in February 2017 show cased even more innovations that will shortly be part of everyday life. The introduction of Samsung’s foldable Galaxy X Smartphone had already occurred, but there were many more exciting projects unveiled at the world’s biggest and best mobile industry event. As we look to the future, it’s always interesting to consider the past, and exploring the way mobile devices and mobile tech has evolved is always a fascinating endeavour.

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